3D Explainer Video for Equipment: The best solution for a complex product

Very often, our clients are faced with the problems of advertising specific products, namely equipment. Due to the complexity of the products, conveying information to the consumer is quite a difficult task, because, as a rule, such advertising is overloaded with terms, confusing words describing the operation of the equipment, etc.

The most effective solution to this problem is the creation of an explainer, a 3D video that describes and presents your product, demonstrates the differences between the equipment from its counterparts, talks about its advantages, how to use it, etc. An animation explainer is not just a funny cartoon - it is a working marketing tool for advertising.

If you sell a complex product or equipment, this is a great solution to convey information to customers in a simple, accessible, and creative way. Today, the Rubarb team will tell you about the main characteristics of explainers and the features of their use.

Benefits of Product Explainer Videos

Now let's figure out what tasks this video format solves, and how it can be useful for business:

1. It's creative

It is interesting that the explainer can simply and comprehensively convey any information to the viewer. Agree, it is better to watch a detailed video for 1-2 minutes once than to read a complex, boring, and not entirely clear text about a complicated product 10 times. As an example, we present an animation video that was developed by our team for equipment for storing and cooling the French elite Champagne Carbon. By using explainer-video techniques, we were able to creatively convey the essence of the product to the client in detail: what are the types of champagne cases, how each consumer can create an individual case design by choosing the shape and color of the frame, as well as the color of the exterior.

2. 3D video can reveal what is hidden

With the help of animated video, you can show what cannot be seen even when you are close to the equipment. There are some mechanisms that are hidden behind the equipment case, and we can show their operation only with the help of visualization.

A good example is an explainer video for Stanko, created by the Rubarb team. This 3D video shows a detailed overview of the liquid dispensing equipment to show exactly how the functionality of the device works. With the help of an animation, we have created an explainer that allows the consumer to clearly understand the purpose of the device and its main functions.

3. Different from competitors 

Users will not "mix" your company with others: you will definitely be one step ahead in the world of technology, where the presence of a branded video is very relevant and effective today. In addition, having an explainer will be an advantage if other organizations do not have such a format of advertising.

A good example of visualizing this method is our 3D video developed for a sunflower seed separator. The first product explainer video clearly and simply explains how exactly the sunflower seed selection process takes place. Through animation, all stages and processes of the work provided by the equipment are also demonstrated.

4. Adds emotions to the product

With the help of animation explainers, you can emotionally present equipment or special products. The explainer is not a dry official video. This format is interesting to customers even because it evokes positive emotions in their heads. In many ways, this is possible thanks to bright, dynamic animation. As you know, if the advertisement causes a response, the probability of purchase increases.

5. Saves managers' time

There is no need to explain the same thing to every customer: it is enough to show a video that will do this job for them. Sometimes an explainer on the website is even more effective than a conversation with a real employee. In addition, this format is handy if you are developing a market abroad and not all workers speak a foreign language.

We have one more example of an animation explainer video created for Manezh equipment: a pergola designed for outdoor use. With the help of an animation, we have developed a detailed video instruction on the construction of the model and the principle of its operation, demonstrating how the equipment protects the building from the sun, wind, and rain.

6. Quality lead generation

The software explainer video increases site conversion. Video is useful for low-converting or long article landing pages. The user would rather watch the video than study the text about the mechanisms of the equipment on the site.

7. Simply about the complex

The animated video performs the information function in an easy and interesting way: it tells simply about complicated things, shows the advantages of the product or service, and illustrates how the equipment is used. The 3D video also motivates the viewer to contact your company. Another example of our work - a 3-minute 3D video for a wood sawing line, demonstrates how to simply and at the same time creatively visualize and explain the features of the equipment, engaging the consumer. In addition, you can get several great ad samples from a single video that can be used in targeted advertising.

Why choose an Animation Explainer Video for equipment? 

It is an ideal tool for the marketing or sales department. We are also often approached by business owners who are launching a new complex product on the market, or managers and enterprises that manufacture equipment, with a goal to creatively show their products. Animated 3D videos for complex products can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • to show what is hidden and talk about the technical capabilities of products;
  • to simplify the delivery of information about the product to the sales manager. The video can also be used by dealers;
  • to perform an explanatory function - demonstrate the essence of the equipment's operation at exhibitions;
  • to stand out from competitors in the market.

Thus, a video explainer is an ideal solution for enterprises and businesses that produce equipment or other products that are difficult for the audience to understand.

Introduction to Animation Explainer

Let's consider the main parameters of animation videos for equipment:

  • A simple explanation of a complex product: a method of solving the problem, the principle of equipment operation, differences from similar projects, etc.
  • Duration – 1, 1.5, or 2 minutes. This is the standard video length, but sometimes it's a little longer or shorter. We recommend creating longer 3D videos, which enable you to use short parts of them for various purposes in the future.
  • No direct advertising. No goods or services are imposed on the client. The software explainer video lists the benefits that the consumer will receive if he buys the product.
  • Emphasis on product novelty. That is why this format is most often used for complex products, equipment, startups, innovations, IT solutions, etc.
  • Instead of traditional shooting, we use computer graphics: animation in 2D and 3D formats, stop motion, illustrations, etc.

Use and promotion of 3D product explainers

Animated videos can be used for various purposes: at exhibitions, for customers in sales, in e-mails, and for targeted advertising as well. Most often, we develop animated videos for advertising on YouTube. The use of explainers in SMM promotion can also be a great solution.

Moreover, a large explainer video can be cut into short commercials for different audiences and platforms. Explainers of different timings are suitable for individual social networks: for example, for YouTube as a preroll with a duration of 15 seconds, for Facebook and Instagram - 30 seconds, and for pages on Linkedin - up to 1 minute. One video clip can be used several times, adding different advertising messages.

How are Animation Explainers for Equipment created?

The specialists of Rubarb team, marketers, and engineers participate in the process of explainers creation. First, we open the drawings and schematics of the project and then draw the logic of the equipment. Next, with the help of brainstorming, our team develops the most creative solutions for the upcoming equipment animation.

To develop explainers, we use the following programs:

  • Cinema 4D.
  • 3D Max.
  • Blender Animation.
  • Adobe After Effects.

Creating 3D videos is an ideal marketing tool for many types of advertisements. Thus, by having developed one explainer video, you can use it everywhere. This gives many options for advertising equipment through different communication channels, and therefore more opportunities to attract the attention of potential consumers. The Rubarb team is actively developing in the direction of creating and promoting animated videos, helping businesses with complex products to succeed! You can find more examples of 3D models on our website as well as get a professional consultation for your product from our specialists.