Marketing strategy for the brand according to the JTBD methodology

With us you will understand that you are in a rocket with a definition of where to move, how to move and what result to get in the end
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What is a strategy for?

The marketing strategy will affect every part of your business and it should be tied to every part of your business.
  • Increase in requests and orders
  • Increase awareness
  • Bring a new product to market
  • Form USP
  • Find new markets
  • Enter the export market
  • Form a new brand
  • Sell a product/service for more

What is included in a marketing strategy

Desk research
Before entering the market, you need to carefully study it. Marketing strategy work begins with an analysis of the industry your brand belongs to. Having seen the full picture, having studied all the details of the field of activity, we begin to explore the strongest competitors. We audit the marketing activities of companies, their position in the market, how they communicate with consumers and methods of promoting products.
Qualitative research
We conduct qualitative research when we want to establish the reasons for the decisions made to choose a product or service. The study consists of in-depth interviews. With this method, we can find the true need of the consumer.
Quantitative research
Quantitative studies (consumer studies) are based on numbers, allowing you to assess the prevalence of the studied parameters, as well as their magnitude: market share, fame, etc.
Strategy session
The strategic session is held with the key persons of the company. It can take place both online and offline, the main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the hypotheses that we formed during desk research and decide on the key goals, values and objectives of the company. The session helps managers to abstract from the company's operations and think strategically.

What is included in the development?

Marketing strategy
Communication strategy
Brand strategy
In-Depth Interview with Stakeholders (DM)
Desk research
  • detailed briefing with the client
  • market analysis (categories)
  • hypotheses
Interview with the target audience
  • definition of target audience
  • formation of questionnaires
  • recruiting
  • conducting in-depth interviews
  • drawing conclusions
Insights and creative idea
  • on the basis of research, we form the client's goals/tasks/pains and present them
  • we form a USP by a collective brainstorm
  • description of the target audience, formation of the mission/vision/values
  • company history positioning
  • tone of communication
  • information transmission channels
Launch and analysis
  • description of target audience for communication
  • TA insight
  • communication message
  • creatives
  • building a communication ecosystem (information transmission channels)
  • media plan
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