Marketing kit

Pack all the benefits of your business into a marketing presentation

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Marketing kit as a presentation

Is used at exhibitions and conferences to present your product in the most favorable light

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Marketing kit as an electronic version

Is used in the segment of cold and warm sales for e-mail distribution

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Marketing kit as a printed

Is used at personal meetings, it is an effective tool for persuasion.

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Advantages of marketing kit for your business:

1. Image. It will create a unique image of your company and will emphasize its uniqueness in the market.

2. Continuous effect. A marketing kit works for you 24/7, without days off and holidays.

3. Informativeness. It gives a brief but comprehensive answers to all the questions of a potential customer.

4. Help to the manager. The marketing kit contains all the information that a representative of your company will need at meetings or presentations.

5. Guaranteed sales. It highlights the advantageous aspects of the business or a separate product and will contribute to busting the sales level.

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What is marketing kit?

Marketing kit is a special type of commercial offer that sells a company presentation in paper or electronic format. In fact, this is a semantic map of business that combines information about a product, service, benefits, implemented projects. The key task of the marketing whale: to attract attention, inspire confidence and get the cherished “yes, I want to cooperate with you!” From potential customers.

Who needs a marketing kit?

We can say with confidence: absolutely everyone! Marketing kit is an effective tool for promoting business of any scale and status. If you are a major player in the construction market, a young design studio, or a start-up with an innovative big idea, we know exactly how to make the potential consumer choose your company.

Marketing kit will help in solving the tasks:

  • attract new and retain old customers
  • increase the success rate
  • increase sales
  • test a new niche
  • create a positive image
  • increase loyalty of existing partners
  • rebuild from competitors

The presentation catalog can be used for personal meetings, exhibitions, conferences. In pdf-format, you can send it by e-mail as a first contact with the target audience, as well as to demonstrate ready-made projects to partners.

Marketing kit: a reliable promotion agent

Imagine, your team has a universal fighter - an employee who works 24/7, seven days a week, sick days and vacations. He knows the most important things about the company, hits the target of the interests and pains of the target audience and knows which arguments to use to influence the client’s decision. No, you did not dream. The name of this employee is marketing whale!

It directly affects the creation of the company's image, the formation of trust in the brand. Unlike traditional catalogs or booklets, the marketing kit is able to successfully solve business problems for several years. This is your ally, partner and sales manager in one bottle.

How are we working on the project?

Fine! You have decided to order whale marketing at Rubarb Digital. This is followed by the analytical, creative and creative work of our specialists:

  1. Marketing Department: develops and approves the concept, the structure of the prototype, based on market analysis, the target audience, the client's business objectives.
  2. Copywriting department: responsible for writing content that affects decision making from the first line, convinces and hits the target.
  3. Design department: adds paint to the general given concept, makes the marketing kit “juicy” in visual content, memorable.

The project manager always keeps abreast of and keeps in touch with you. We love to make projects - strong, and our customers - more successful! Marketing kit, examples of which are presented in the portfolio - a vivid confirmation of this. You get a job in 2 types: a print source ready for printing, as well as a pdf-format.