Video Infographics – new perspective trend

Video Infographics … Such an interesting term! Video – there are no problems with this term, however, what is infographics? Instead of time-consuming puzzling out of the figures and other indicators has been created a special system of information presentation – infographics, that is data visualization. This method has been around for quite a long time. You do not believe? See for yourself.

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What is video infographics?

Metro map refers to the infographics, as well as blueprints in Algebra and Geometry textbooks. All this can be called the mentioned term. But time passes and everything improves. Today, a new kind of information presentation becomes increasingly relevant – compact and productive videos – video infographics.

With their help you can clearly present any information in visual form in the shortest possible time. Sounds difficult? Not at all. Professionals can do everything efficiently and quickly. For example, specialists at digital-studio Rubarbs create small animations that literally in a few minutes will tell all necessary information about the company, its services, activities and terms of cooperation. Excellent samples of the work cases are presented below.

How your business will benefit from Video Infographics?

Based on the seen we can say that video infographics allows the following:

  • interesting and creatively present the necessary information;
  • correctly tell about all the specifics of work of the enterprise;
  • captivate the viewer and do not tire him via a long video;
  • let him/her easily absorb the information received;
  • demonstrate the trendiness of the company, since not everyone is using the infographics today;
  • Spread the video in social networks.

Types of video infographics:

Today experts alocate 4 basic types:


Simple storyline combined with a well-thought-out two-dimensional graphics and juicy picture allows relatively affordably make a great clip which copes with its task.


The created objects are voluminous, they attract more attention and look impressive. The advantages of this kind can be attributed to the ability to use a variety of operator’s tricks and a wide selection of visual tools.


The only difference from the previous type – a greater degree of detail. All points are well-thought-out and depicted in great detail. The audience identify themselves with what is happening. They are impressed and wonder why they have not yet contacted this company?

Character animation

This type is the most common and pleasant for perception. In the process of creating can be used any art tools to implement any ideas. Advertising happens with the help of animated characters positively perceived by the audience. You can basically create and implement a complete storyline.