7 main conclusions on the Marketing Directors’ Forum 2017. Latest trends

When speakers of such level of marketing speak on the stage, the impressions, of course, are positive. Moreover, the hall was also so professionally pumped that listeners interrupted and simply did not allow pouring water into their ears. It was nice. The audience is the marketing elite of the country. Immediately, there were discredited questions, from which you can instantly catch a "stupor"). Well, let’s put the emotions aside and focus on the salt.

1. Marketing Consultant from Dublin, Garrett Johnson

Trend number 1 which is in a state of embryo in Ukraine is the formation of client-centricity and the study of client experience. It is necessary to search for the desired result for the client. It's not selling a gun, but selling a murder. Not the sale of a washing machine, but the speed of getting clean and ironed clothes. In our case on the contrary - not the client-centricity, and the company-centricity - as consequence the lack of competitiveness in the market. And this is all against the background of the lack of a normal service.

2. Anna Grishina, marketing director at «EVA» chain stores

In essence, she also continued the topic of studying theclient experience on the example of her own case. "Ask yourself why customers come to you?" The study of this particular matter has become the result of the sales success. They have studied the entire life cycle of their buyer. They have developedbvtheir own Customer journey map and roadmap on the client. And on the basis of these data, they have developed an advertising strategy and synchronization with business processes.

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3. Ukraine Nikolay Skavronsky, Commercial Director at SYNEVO Ukraine

When entering the market, Nicholas has focused his main attention on his positioning. Speed of service became the second factor of success. The owner was guided by the exemplary scheme of McDonald's service - they work like a Swiss watch. Speed and convenience - all ingenious is simple!

4. Natalia Koshevaya, member of the Board of Directors at COMFY (Dnipro)

On the example of her company Natalia's demonstrates that digital and human emotions can calmly go side by side. Let me explain. Nowadays, it’s difficult without digital marketing. However, the emergence of corporate culture, study and growing people within the company gives a phenomenal result. When a living organism is working instead of a hierarchical system.

7 main conclusions on the Marketing Directors’ Forum 2017. Latest trends - Image - 4

5. Igor Novikov, Singularity University Ambassador in Ukraine

He spoke about the trends in the field of futurology. The next effective trend will be the rapid impact of artificial intelligence on humanity. The robot already listens, writes, reads, translates, recognizes, wins the champions of the world in poker and chess.

Digitalization and robotics will affect our world so much that many companies will simply disappear. Professions will change beyond recognition.

6. VR and Augmented Reality technologies

Rafi Albo spoke about VR technology and augmented reality when using promotional materials at the master class "Marketing ON-LIFE” (Online + Real Life) and a wow factor in direct communications."

Of course, this is not the entire list of cool topics that were discussed at the forum, so I certainly advise you to visit it the next year. A noticeable uprising trend - all steep marketers should sooner or later become entrepreneurs. Understand business and study the market. This was discussed at the final stage of the forum. At the end, Andrey Fedorov came on the scene, speaking about business, marketing and simple human happiness. He once again reminded all of us of an indispensable condition for success – enjoy your work.