Top-5 Studios for the development of animation video in CIS countries.

Top-5 Studios for the development of animation video in CIS countries - Image - 2

Today, each good marketologist knows that video content «rules» in every sense and gives the best performance results. Since live video filming requires the presence of at least an operator with a camera at the location, it is obvious that in today's realities it is animated video that is becoming the leader of the advertising market. By working with graphic tools, you can create any characters, display any locations or objects, both outside and inside, without physically moving. According to our analyticals and the result of competitive analysis, we have collected TOP 5 video animation studios, according to the criteria: portfolio, quality of animation, video of customer service, pricing policy and commercial offers.

1. The greatest authority was achieved by the well-known «VideoZayats», geolocated in Russia. The main strengths are the abundance of portfolios and Russian clients. The weak point is the price.


2. The next leader in the development of video animation is the department in the Digital agency, named Rubarb Digital. Location — Ukraine. Strengths are the marketing approach (this company also develops marketing strategies for the business) and cost.


3. Another one creative agency is «PAyushchie usy». The strong points are the amount of cases and the price.


4. Innovative video solutions, design for advertisements, production are provided by AdShot. They create quality projects for the commercial sector. Their office is located in Kyiv.


5. And at the end of our rating is «PromZone», which shoots excellent presentation videos and photos for enterprises and industry.


Based on the results of our work, we can confidently say that animated videos are more effective in increasing reach and conversions than live videos. This is explained by a number of advantages of animation, including: 

  • Colorful picture. The abundance of colors and shapes attracts the viewer's eye more than the usual live picture.
  • Funny characters. With the help of graphics, the hero of a video can become not only a person, but also, for example, a table lamp of an office table.
  • Alternative reality. If in a live video the locations are always real, then in an animated video you can transfer the action to another planet or even to a fictional world.

Needless to say, the drawn universe is more interesting for its novelty and «unfamiliarity», and the viewer easily associates cartoon characters with himself?

In advertising campaigns for business, 2d and 3d videos can be used. Based on the task, both the first and the second type can be more successful. 

2d is a two dimensional image. It is effective for project or enterprise presentation and attracts with its ease of perception. But, striving for simplicity, do not forget that a successful video is an informative, creative, concise, bit at the same time capacious video.

In 3D format, you can implement a video instruction, overview of the premises, a presentation of the enterprise and many other ideas. Advantages of 3D graphics: three-dimensional picture, image realism, the ability to look «inside» — to see what in real life is inaccessible to the eye.

Video content is very important for advertising campaigns in any field, as video grabs more of your potential customers' attention than a static image. Rubarb Digital will provide you with a full range of quality video development services. Leave a request on the website or call WhatsUp: +38 (096) 622-86-13.