Advertising that worked. The best commercials in 2017

It's not a secret that advertising is the engine of trade. That is why its main task is to attract attention and stay in a person's head as long as possible. In psychology, there is a law linking memory with emotions, which states: "the more emotionally expressed reaction in a person causes particular material, the better and stronger it is remembered." Only those commercials that left a vivid and deep impression will remain in memory for a long time.

Our team has viewed a huge number of fresh advertising videos of well-known brands and we’d like to share with you those works that literally did conquer the YouTube audience this year.

Truthfully, emotionally, informatively

We start our top with a video masterpiece from Ferrero Rocher Company, which within half a year scored over 10 million views. For some reason, it is impossible to call it advertising, it is rather a full-length short film. «Reward those who seek no rewards» is the idea that the video authors are willing to convey. And they are doing it extremely well. Watching the video gives such a strong emotion that causes a strong desire to say sincere thanks to the whole world and all those who really deserve gratitude. Product advertising is very unobtrusive, casual and that’s its main catch. The audience does not have a feeling that someone simply wants to sell something, on the contrary - there is a trust to the video, since it is dedicated to very important things.

The most popular comment to this video on YouTube proves this fact:

Advertising that worked. The best commercials in 2017 - Image - 2

It is difficult to find video advertising that will catch attention of every single viewer, although the comment to the video proves that Ferrero Rocher specialists have actually made it. Such advertising worth watching to the very end, sharing it with friends and watching all over again. It is a highly desirable effect for every advertiser, isn’t it?

In the animal world

Pedigree Company gave us the opportunity dive into the life of a man's best friend. The entire mini-film is shot by dogs and allows the viewer to see the world through their eyes. The unusual "First-person" shooting perspective was a very good idea, which made the video really memorable.

The success of the video (over 11.5 million views) lies in its truthfulness and the ability to evoke emotions in any person, as it displays ordinary people and life situations in which each viewer finds something close to him. The video causes a smile and improves the mood. See for yourself!

The sky is the limit

Adrenaline Rush has long attracted the attention of the audience to its product by organizing sports events and sponsoring extreme sports. As the basis of its new commercial, the company took the establishment of a world record in jumping upon a moving object. 12.5 million people wanted to witness the possibility of this crazy stunt firsthand. The commercial video masterfully captures the viewer's attention and is almost impossible to pry away from viewing until the last second.

There is everything you need for a bright emotion - worry for a rider, drive, joy after a successful jump. The "live" communication between the hero and the audience became a good move - his thoughts and experiences expressed aloud give a sense of personal participation of the viewer in everything happening. The product here is not advertised directly, no one convinces the viewer to buy-buy-buy. There is a calm, confident demonstration of the brand as a sponsor and this is quite enough, because after viewing there is a feeling that the advertised product really helps to decide on a greater. 

Nike breaks stereotypes

A new commercial from Nike beats all records on the number of organic views. In just three months, the video gained almost 9 million views, got to the YouTube top, became the most successful online advertising brand this year and gained such popularity that it was even translated into English using subtitles. The first five seconds, showing a little girl with an excitement going on the stage, attract the viewer's attention and encourage to see what will happen next. This is a very competent beginning, which completely copes with its task - to guarantee the further viewing of the video.

Continuation of the video is also very competent. A well-known song reminds of childhood and evokes pleasant memories, and the changed words in the continuation turn the composition into a super motivating anthem of a modern woman. Once again, the unobtrusive and very creative brand presentation does not arise any negative emotions even in the most fed up with constant advertising viewer. The video became one of the favorite videos of this year, not only for a wide audience, but also for IT and marketing experts.

A journey beyond the horizon

Today, motivational videos are at the peak of popularity, inspiring and awakening a thirst for life and action. A new video by Samsung in support of the "Beyond the horizon" project reaches the goals set by the creators to one hundred percent. Despite the fact that the video was uploaded not so long ago, over 2 million people have already watched it, and in the comments continue to appear words of delight from what they saw and laudatory ode to Samsung products.

The reaction of people to this video demonstrates that the modern audience is already tired of annoying advertising, although will appreciate the videos that carry in themselves something more than just a presentation of the product. People are ready to watch meaningful advertising with pleasure on TV in breaks during the film's broadcasting, as well as purposefully search the Internet and share with friends.