Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the "Grammy"

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 7

Storytelling. Is it just a buzzword that came to us from the west or a mega-useful tool that applies to a wide variety of activities? Let's take a look at examples.

First of all, we should find out, what is its essence? It's right - to sell, to interest, to attract attention. Although this sale, as already understood by the very word (story + telling) is performed in a special way by telling stories. What type of story should it be? It should affect the emotions of a person and remain in the memory for a long time. The story should be interesting and bright, to imbed in the soul of a potential buyer, and also unobtrusive so it won’t scare off. There should be an intrigue, a little humor and, of course, plausibility. Who will want to hear for the tenth time from the client the legendary "I do not believe!" by Stanislavsky? Storytelling has already proved its efficiency and turned out to be a very effective tool, gaining momentum in Western marketing, however it’s still used by a limited number of people. 

Ivan Dorn took advantage of the moment and was ahead of the whole planet. Admit, who has not heard about the release of his new album? That's right. About him know nothing only those people who are very distant from the internet and modern trends. And all that thanks to the successful techniques of storytelling and a huge activity which Mr. Dorn activated in honor of the release of his third album in the row. Let's look at the examples together when Vanya has told the "selling story" especially well.

American boy

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 8

Stories telling that Vanya is not just recording a new album, and to do that drove all the way to Los Angeles himself, scattered with a lightning speed. Recording an album is a common thing for any more or less popular artist. After all, this is a completely different case! In different interviews with popular publishers, Dorn talks about the "American period" of life, about immersion in the necessary musical environment, about cooperation with local musicians and producers, about the sums spent on recording the new album. Such things really capture the fans and remain in the memory of people who generally think of the artist neutrally. And if history has attracted so much attention and continues to do so, then storytelling does work.

Documentary video

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 9

The Internet is a great thing. Using it, it is possible to capture the world right now! Jokes are jokes, but everyone knows that YouTube is one of the most effective channels of promotion. At this point, Ivan made the right choice. Released a couple of weeks ago, documentary mini-films narrating about the process of creating each song, have already gained over half a million views. And this is just the beginning! Here is a great example of how people like qualitatively cast interesting stories. And what is the cover of these same documentaries: semi-nude Dornbanda in all its glory. In addition, the same photo is everywhere, despite that each part has its own color. Thought over to the smallest detail. Qualitatively? Yes! Does it catch? Female part of the audience for sure! Remembered? Of course!

The famous beard

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 10

The new image of Ivan also caused a huge number of conversations and discussions. The question "What did he decide to grow this beard?" sounded in different variations not only in fan circles. That’s, in fact, interesting. Here you have the beginning of the story. Stories that, despite absolutely hating facial hair, Vanya has promised himself not to shave until he completely recorded the album. Such a motivation for himself. And on the day of the premiere, by the way, he promised to shave it, that fueled even more interest to his profiles on social networks, and in particular to Instagram. Sounds like a masterful storytelling, isn’t it? Here you will find the interest, and the emotional component, and memorability, and unobtrusive advertising for the new album. Agree, there is much to learn.

Put the album together

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 11

On the eve of the album's release, Dornaband raised even more hype about her unique proposal to the fans - to participate in the quest. Kyiv fans had to visit 11 different locations using a map of the capital and find a special "agent", who would let them listen to one of the songs of the album. And that's even before the official release! Dorbanda haven’t stopped at this point and organized a giveaway, thereby motivating the participants to actively post their achievements in the quest on Instagram. What could be better than an interesting story? Participate in one of them! And if each participant tells about it in their social networks, that is also an excellent advertisement!

The main musical figure

Effective storytelling on the example of Ivan Dorn. The way to the «Grammy» - Image - 12

In the new album, Ivan surprises the audience and erases all boundaries: there is a mixture of styles, alternating languages, and provocative videos. But it was not enough and the guy said that the goal of the album's release was his desire to get the highest musical award. An excellent story so that everyone would love to listen and find out, how exactly a singer decided to win the American Academy of Sound Recording. Judging by the words of Ukrainian music critics, it is still difficult to say how the material of this format will look on the big stage. Will the performer be lucky with the western audience? As for the Grammy and the composite Billboard chart so far, the forecasts are not very optimistic.

Well, we can only admire his ability to "make noise" and attract everyone's attention to his person. In this, he certainly won his award.