Marketing tool for a Ukrainian company of grain elevator production


We have started to cooperate with a Ukrainian customer this year. The company of grain elevator production faced the war of russia against Ukraine. However, they never lost faith or optimism and continued to work at the epicenter of these terrible events. Our team has implemented the project of creating an animated video for social networks in the agricultural sector.

The Task

The factory for the production of grain elevator equipment set us the task of showing very simple and ordinary processes of their enterprise’s activity in a creative and interesting way. The client has a wide geography of clients and partners, so the project must correspond to the status of the company.


As a result of creative brainstorming, we created the story of a journey of wheat ears from the ripening process to their transformation into the grain. With the help of 2D animation, we managed to create a fun and informative story with a unique soundtrack and character modeling. The most important thing is that the consumer receives positive emotions from viewing.

Insight: In this project, the Rubarb team just wanted to turn our imagination on and create.

We clearly understand that the target audience of this video is not children, but adult professionals. And this is even better because our team was able to create communication with adults in a creative way.

The Plot

The main character of the animated project is a seed. The video shows the journey of a wheat ear from its ripening in the field to its transformation into the grain. The final stage of the grain's journey is transportation to the final customer.


Thus, creating a video in 2D animated graphics was a simple and quick solution that satisfied our client.

Our Team

The project was made by:

  • art director;
  • 2D-animator;
  • sound designer;
  • head and project managers.