Marketing tools for the Pay CITY video project

Оur partner from Azerbaijan started to cooperate with a creative agency and companion of the VISA corporation more than two years ago. Our team has implemented the project based on the prepared 3D model of the city of Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Task

The main task was to create an explainer video to teach the target audience all the details about contactless payment technology, as well as to demonstrate the VISA bonus program to expand the client base.

Marketing tools for the Pay CITY video project  - Image - 2


Our team has created a video in the computer game style aimed at millennials. The video project will be broadcast on TV media players and social media.

You can watch the result of our work here .


As a result of the work, the Pay City project was implemented by the Rubarb team in 24 working days with a unique soundtrack accompaniment and character modeling.

Our Team

The project was made by:

  • art director;
  • 3D-animator;
  • sound designer;
  • head and project managers.