Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product

According to the marketing concept of the S-shaped curve, any market goes through the stages of development from the formation of the need to aging. Each stage of "market maturity" involves its own difficulties, but the need for communication with the buyer is always relevant.

Do not rush to rejoice if your product is innovative and you have no competitors. You need to convince the users that the product is really needed, and even at the declared price. In a mature market, communication with the audience becomes even more important, because now it is necessary to convince customers that it is your product, not the offer of competitors, that is worthy of attention.

How can one reach out to modern consumers with their "banner blindness" and the shock of the flow of ubiquitous content? How to tell them about a complex product simply and easily?

Task №1: Stand out at any cost

Well, here you go, your marketer has conducted an analysis of competitors, identified the target audience and possible channels of communication. Calculated the budget and launched the advertisement. Time passes, and the result is either absent, or does not please you. And seems like everything was done perfectly, and the budget is considerable. The reason lies in the fact that your potential buyer is tired - he drowned in the ocean of advertising and content. This is best demonstrated by the growing trend in advertising - normocore marketing.

Nick Offerman within 45 minutes without a single word simply drinks whiskey. Over 3 million views!

People not just want to take a break from noise - the normcore video looks different, unusual, stands out and attracts attention. Like another trend of visualization - 3D animation or graphics. In this short beer advertisement, naturalistic drops of water emphasize the very essence of the drink: one glance at the advertisement and the viewer experiences dry mouth and thirst, which beer is tempting to satisfy. 

Also, 3D video allows to cover difficult topics and clearly describe all the advantages of the product. This is exactly what BRONTO did - 3D video of the complex technological process has brought them + 15% to sales and + 18% to the conversions of calls from Facebook.

In general, marketers and advertisers are already using all these tricks widely. Very soon this kind of content will become a must have. But still you have the opportunity to be among the first and beat the competition in the battle for consumer attention.

Task №2: Capture the attention

You have very little time to "communicate" with a potential customer - he can scroll down the news line or close the browser tab altogether at any second. It is necessary to capture all attention immediately and instantly. Video, in the world of content, it is the "king" of audience involvement. That is why London HighQ announced 2017 - the year of the video. They have managed to gather convincing arguments in favor of their opinion:

Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product - Image - 6

By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all web traffic. 

Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product - Image - 7

33% of tablet owners watch videos within about an hour every day. 

Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product - Image - 8

28% of smartphone users include turn on a video at least once a day. 

Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product - Image - 9

78% of people watch online videos every week.

55% of people watch online videos every day. 

Advertising video infographics as a way to increase sales of your product - Image - 10

52% of marketers around the world consider video as the most effective type of content with the best ROI.

Task №3: If you have not made a video yet, make one.

Visuals affect hearing and vision, capturing the attention and penetrating mind. Paradox, although short videos can convey more information than the detailed text or just a drawn image. The main task is to structure the information correctly and write a competent script to the video.

To shoot a video with live actors or make animation is a matter of your budget. In fact, this does not affect the efficiency, however, the animated infographics will cost several times cheaper for your advertising budget. In addition, you will be able to tell about the product more deeply. As an example, Manezh has made a video about its new M-Ocean pergolas. The video paid off in just three months and brought + 15% to sales at exhibitions.


In fact, the wars for the consumer are just beginning — David Ogilvy did not dream about the possibilities that digital gives us. Today, it is impossible to gain a market share without being armed with the most advanced tools. 

Statistics, examples, cases, and just common sense tell us that online video is a powerful tool for sales and promotion. To stand out against the background of hundreds of other commercials and convey the right message to your audience – simply leave a request for 3D video infographics and your video will be definitely noticed.