Why does business choose 3D video?

Why does business choose 3D video? - Image - 2

Data visualization perfectly helps to inform potential users and partners. Comparing to texts videos are memorized better. That’s why brands try to diversify the information flow with the help of videos. With the development of technologies, 3D videos became extremely popular, thus the product may be shown especially accurately and detailed, monotonous numbers and terms may be easily transferred to video guides or infographics.

What is the peculiarity of 3D videos?

A three-dimensional image always looks attractive. Marketologists didn’t miss the opportunity to use this kind of graphic in sales and they made the right decision! 3D animation of high quality is able to increase the percentage of website conversion from 60 to 70%! Therefore 80% of customers make a decision to buy the advertising product!

Advantages of 3d video:

  1. A realistic three-dimensional image which easily inveigles into watching.
  2. Ability to show something which cannot be seen with eyes or displayed another way.
  3. Transformation of monotonous numbers and terms into the comprehensible image.
  4. A topic is covered in an extremely short period.

Nowadays a three-dimensional image became an amazing alternative to live staged shootings in many fields of activity. For instance, with the help of this technology we managed to create a realistic image for ECOPOOL company, revealed the benefits of their product. 

3D animation – marvelous and realistic

Construction companies are one of the very first users of 3D videos in sales. You have probably seen magnificent presentations of residential complexes which perfectly demonstrate all the benefits of buying an apartment. Meanwhile, the company lay the foundations for the house, future lodgers already see the image of their dream house with the help of 3D animation.

Our company has made 3D amination for a construction company from Kazakhstan. We didn’t only show the beauty of the building, but also told about all the benefits, increased the effectiveness by using 3D.

3D presentation for a company

The presentations of equipment and mechanisms take a special place in using 3D image. They became an integral part of a program on exhibitions, conferences and trainings, helping the participants to assimilate the information better. With the help of 3D images, it’s possible to explain the work of intricate gears comprehensibly.

Especially 3D presentation helps to show the product (equipment) from all points, at any angle and to look inside the mechanism focusing the exhibition participants’ attention on the product.

As a rule, it’s difficult to see such things with the naked eye. 3D presentation helps to escape long explanations, it’s visual and obvious even for those, who are not familiar with the topic. Such videos for business receive the attention on industrial, architectural and other highly specialized exhibitions. They attract more potential customers and partners than ordinary leaflets, models or catalogs.

Watch our video about benefits and work of an electric pump for oil industry. It shows all the working and installing principles, conversing difficult into comprehensible.

With the help of 3D presentation, a company can particularly tell about a certain product, singling out all the product advantages and giving the opportunity for audience to see what is hidden from sight. Take a look on how effectively Samsung Group presented a camera model, maximally disclosing its capacity.

Samsung NX300_2013 from Design Egg on Vimeo.

3D video: graphically and accessibly

Boring and abstruse terms can be easily explained to the audience using 3D video. Thanks to 3D image, information about operation peculiarities or step-by-step guide won’t be perceived as double Dutch and it won’t be necessary to explain everything in simple words. Watch a visual example of 3D video, which we made for BRONTO company.

3D commercial creating is a profitable business investment into brand development and presentation of a product, especially on exhibitions. 

Technological capabilities allow to create bright 3D images which attract new customers and help to sell. 3D videos will comprehensibly tell about something complicated, inducing positive emotions and pushing to buy. 

It is better to see something once, than to read about it a thousand times – proved by our clients!