No room for error: web project development for Antonov

The State Enterprise «Antonov» is not just a large company, but a brand with a worldwide reputation. This is a full-cycle aircraft construction concern, it carries out the process of creating an aircraft from the very idea to the maintenance after the sale. Its products are in demand in dozens of countries around the world, and the well-known AN-225 «Mriya» has long become legend. 

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But everyone needs to change, despite the formed image and the presence of a wide client base around the world. To be in trend, to keep up with the times – these are the goals for which the representatives of «Antonov» State Enterprise came to us. During the discussion, we together formulated a task and worked out an execution plan. It was about launching a new corporate website and customer support portal. A feature of this particular project was the need to preserve the «heart» of the enterprise, its traditions, while creating something fundamentally new and corresponding to current standards.

«Surely, we were worried that there would be difficulties in the work due to the ramified structure of the enterprise. When a company is huge, you can't do without bureaucracy, especially if it's a state brand», – Rodion Goncharov, CEO of RUBARB digital agency.

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Rubarb is a digital agency specializing in working with manufacturing companies. We knew that at this stage we would have to do a great job, but this only attracted to the opportunity to reach a new level, to pump our skills even more.

In the summer of 2019, a new corporate site of Antonov State Enterprise was presented to the attention of users. The changes affected not only the design, but also the entire architecture of the resource, which we created flexible, allowing if necessary, to add new sections, blocks or pages.

The main pages of the site reveal the idea of the enterprise – what we had to preserve by the processing with new presentation tools. From the first seconds, the user can see the image of the aircraft concern, its strength as a brand and how dynamic it is. The interface of the new site is intuitive and easy to use. 

«We made the resource as dynamic as possible, as it was planned to use a large number of animated parts and 3D models. At the same time, the site is visually «airy» and easy to use», – Rodion Goncharov, CEO of RUBARB digital agency.

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We have made it easier to navigate, but have increased the amount of information available to the user. For example, in the drop-down menu, in the first place are shown aircraft that are in service and sale today, as well as the section related to their technical support. A separate block will present models created by the enterprise over the entire period of its activity, both relevant and those that have already been discounted. All of them, without exception, make up the history of the company, which must be known and remembered.

After six months of successful work of the new corporate website, Antonov launched a modernized Web portal for customer support with expanded functionality, which was also developed by the full-cycle digital agency Rubarb.

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The main purpose of creating the portal was to obtain a tool for effective management of business processes of complex after-sales service of AN aircraft. Customers are provided with prompt communication with manufacturer and support, access to the necessary documentation, statistical data, as well as ordering spare parts. Such a portal is the guarantor of the high-quality level of Antonov's service.

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The Rubarb team of developers, testers, designers, copywriter, marketer and project manager worked hard on this successful project.

«Presence in the digital world is an integral part of brand development in the digitalization era, and in this we continue to support Antonov. In our arsenal there are still mani ideas that we can offer to the largest brand in the country», – Rodion Goncharov, CEO of RUBARB digital agency.

Being at the start or going from idea to brand awareness such a channel of communication and product popularization as network resources. A well-thought-out presentation and availability to a wide range of users allows us to expand the client base and reach a new level through direct communication with the client in real time, as well as provide prompt and timely support to users.

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