Triggers in business and marketing

The goal of each company is to ensure growth in everything - in sales and development, profit growth and customer base. That is why the improvement of processes in business is and will be an urgent issue for entrepreneurs. In the present economic conditions, the companies are looking with particular enthusiasm for effective ways to increase the efficiency of their work.

Currently, there are many talks about building business models with the help of certain "triggers" that can take the company to a new level. Each of the triggers gives the result and is aimed at getting the maximum benefit from a limited resource, which is your time, money or your team.

Trigger №1: Ability to set big goals

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Most companies adrift, solving immediate problems as they grow and develop. They are satisfied with the minimum "acceptable" indicators, and do not set ambitious goals, because they simply seem unachievable, especially in the economic crisis conditions. However, this tactic will not lead to anything good and such a business probably won’t achieve significant results.

Your task is to change your thinking in this direction. Do not be afraid to plan big numbers. Think of what you want to achieve and piece together the desired result, like a puzzle. According to the research, EBITDA index increases by two times, if the management and all employees have a clear understanding of the direction of the company's development. Companies, that are not afraid to set ambitious goals and follow the intended path, increase their profits by 16 - 32% in the first year of active work.

Trigger №2: Ability to work for the future

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Once again, we are talking about the need to radically change the thinking that is densely embedded into our heads. How does it usually happen? Companies are trying to squeeze out the maximum profits here and now, and then - let the cards fall where they may. The main principle of the second trigger is long-term work. Think, how do you spend your time? Do the hours spent give a long-term effect, or the result is limited to the present day? And how do you manage finances? Do you solve current issues or invest in getting a permanent profit?

Time and money aimed at a "constant effect" are: 

  • properly operating model of a call or letter to the client, which will be used hundreds of thousands of times, and again and again work for your benefit;
  • A / B testing to improve target indicators and increase conversions;
  • building customer funnels and automatic sales pipelines, building a chain of contacts with the client

These are just some examples of the myriad of possible, although the point is clear. Direct your main resources to actions that will build your business brick by brick and as a result you will get a reliable "construction" that will perform its functions for many decades.

Trigger №3: The ability to make a profit

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Even the business that you have at the moment, in fact, has more profit than you can imagine. You just need to learn to see it in the current moment, and also take advantage of the opportunity to get even more.

How to learn thinking in a new direction and see what has been "hidden" previously? Here are a few tips:

  • consider different models of purchases and form unique offerings for different customer groups;
  • learn to analyze the client's pain, look for situations when there is a need, but there is no proposal and offer a solution;
  • think what else you can offer the client in addition to the main product, do not lose the opportunity to increase profits.

Having started to differentiate clients and offers for them, you will see how much more effective your work will become, and the profit will increase at times. 

Trigger №4: The ability to activate triggers

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It is important to understand one simple thing - all people are completely different. The way you work activates and attracts to your business people who are similar in mind to you, meaning thinking like you. And now imagine how many more people are completely different from you? And what seems annoying and inappropriate to you, to others can become exactly the psychological activator that will motivate them to make a purchase.

Therefore, your marketing message should carry not only information about the value of the product, but also triggers that can "hook" as much of the audience as possible. Explore, analyze, test, find those most emotional activators that determine the behavior of the person you need and use them as much as possible in sales.

Trigger №5: The ability to sell massively

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First of all, you should not forget about the mass sales channels. You can use them regardless of the scope of your activity. You can always find something suitable for you. When creating content, make sure that it brings new clients to you again and again. For example, a video on your company's YouTube channel. High-quality videos with useful and interesting information will always attract the attention of the target audience to your business. Moreover, when recording your speeches or interviews on video, you will be able to "reach out" to even more people, in addition to those present in the hall at that time. When you will learn how to sell one-to-many at once, instead of one-to-one, your business will become much more efficient, and you will get a completely different profit within the same time frame.

It is important for every entrepreneur to look confidently into the future and know exactly what he wants to have today, tomorrow, in a month, a year or 10 years, and in accordance with the set goals establish business processes in the company. Applying the right triggers in business helps to create own reality and competently build the desired future for oneself and the company. And we, in turn, wish you good luck and inspiration on the way to qualitative changes in your business.