Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory.


  • What is done:

Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 1


Our task was to create a new brand that is intuitively understood and spiritually close to the target audience, a brand that would be associated with a happy childhood, would inspire confidence, and transmit an idea of the brand.

It was important for us to fully reflect all the advantages of kindergarten work and help to draw the attention of potential customers.


Our customer opened a kindergarten, where the Montessori method will be used. It was needed to help our client to stand out among the competitors, to show its high level and competence.

After a preliminary analysis, we realized that the name "Uniqyou" isn't accepted by the target audience. It was decided to develop a new name that will correspond with the brand and emphasize its uniqueness.


Parents with children (1 to 6 years old).

Development of brand positioning

Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 2
  • Our task was to share the brand philosophy, its high standards and values, as well as the sureness that the child will be interested, will feel comfort and safety in the kindergarten.

  • Based on the analysis of the target audience, positioning was developed with a focus on the implementation of upbringing values according to the Maria Montessori method.

  • Functional and emotional benefits were highlighted. The philosophy, mission, and channels of brand promotion are written. Brand identification guidelines were presented.

STEP 02.


Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 3
  • Based on the interests of the target audience, we have provided 7 different options of names. The client has chosen “Montestory”, as it maximally presents the concept of the brand — the kindergarten works according to the unique Montessori method..
  • The name was composed from a combination of words:
  • ● “monte”: short for Montessori method name
  • ● “story”: taken from English

  • What is a “Montestory”? This is a story of a happy childhood, a fascinating knowledge of the world, and daily growth. We were focused on the target audience — parents who are interested in modern methods of education, including the Montessori system. It suits the concept of positioning. The name is modern and recognizable.

  • The unique presentation differentiates the company in the market, creates vibrant associations that meet the lifestyle, tone of communication of the target audience, and brand.

Step 03.

Logo designing

Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 4
Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 5
Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 6
  • The logo of the Montestory brand is combined — it contains graphic and textual components.

  • The concept of the logo is “I can make it myself.” The bright logo is associated with childhood, evokes lightness and pleasant emotions. Accents in the form of an asterisk, triangle, tree leaf set the mood and are associated with the first games of the smallest ones.

  • The used color schemes present the nature of the kindergarten as a brand — they symbolize joy, kindness, friendliness. The visual concept is fully consistent with the positioning and the chosen legend of the name — “the story of a happy childhood begins with MonteStory”. Font style looks modern, recognizable.

  • The logo is accompanied by a guide for the use, which presents options for its appliance depending on situations and context.
Case: brand positioning, naming, logo for Montestory. — Rubarb - Image - 7


A comprehensive approach made it possible to create the appropriate brand positioning in the market and tools for interaction with the target audience. It expresses the basic motivation for the activities of the kindergarten — caring for children, safety, reliability, openness, and professionalism.

Bright naming helps to distinguish the company from competitors, displays its activities, focuses on early development and care for children, sets the tone for communication between the target audience and the brand.

The developed logo emphasizes the brand concept, conveys the desired message to the audience, attracts attention, and increases brand awareness.

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