2D explainer video for an American IIoT company Vixtera


  • What is done:


Vixtera is an American company that is engaged in creating software helping industrial businesses and manufacturers make the most of their IIoT systems. They aim to make the process of setting up and maintaining IIoT devices as fast and efficient as possible.

All this is implemented in their innovative project - ViEdge, which enables real-time data collection, processing, and analysis. It's also designed to detect and prevent equipment failures quickly. Vixtera's software seamlessly connects devices with other data-driven platforms, making it easier for businesses to use the data in the industrial IoT ecosystem. The product is created to supercharge IIoT deployment and asset management for industrial enterprises, manufacturers, and VARs.


The main goal was to visually convey the key features and benefits of ViEdge for the target audience of the company, CEOs of large enterprises. It was also necessary to make this project work as a sales instrument for Vixtera's marketing office to present ViEdge as a win-win solution in the IIoT sector. 


To meet this challenge, our team decided to develop a 2D explainer video. This format was selected as it's effective in showing complex concepts and making them more accessible to the customers of Vixtera. The style of the video was carefully designed to align with the preferences of the target audience in the tech and industrial sectors, maintaining the balance between professional and creative content. 

Step 01


2D explainer video for an American IIoT company Vixtera — Rubarb - Image - 1
  • The first step involved finalizing the video script, breaking down each feature of ViEdge and its benefits. Given the technical nature of the product, it was crucial to adhere to professional messaging and demonstrate which problems can be handled by ViEdge. The main goal here was to show catch the wave with IIoT standards and complete the script with all the details of ViEdge operation.

Step 02


2D explainer video for an American IIoT company Vixtera — Rubarb - Image - 2
  • In the design phase, the creative team worked on visualizing the video. The challenge was to strike a balance between demonstrating the complex technology without oversimplifying it. The target audience included industrial professionals, so it was essential to present ViEdge as a valuable solution while keeping the visuals engaging. The 2D video's purpose was to assist the sales team in presenting ViEdge to potential clients and how it can benefit their businesses in 3 min.

Step 03


  • The final stage - animating the scenes and rendering. The main task was to demonstrate the key benefits of ViEdge, such as rapid device onboarding, instant data collection, swift failure detection, and seamless integration with data-driven platforms, in a company's tone of voice. Eventually, we could make the explainer interesting and selling at the same time.
2D explainer video for an American IIoT company Vixtera — Rubarb - Image - 3

Project Results

The Rubarb team has successfully created an explainer video for Vixtera company. The 2D explainer video effectively simplified the presentation of ViEdge's features and benefits, creating a powerful tool for the sales team to communicate with potential clients.

This video served as a valuable tool in promoting ViEdge to industrial enterprises, manufacturers, and VARs, helping them understand how ViEdge can enhance their operations and decision-making processes.

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