2D video development for the tech company “Waites”


  • What is done:

2D video development for the tech company “Waites” — Rubarb - Image - 1


"Waites" is a company that provides equipment vibration diagnostics services to prevent breakdowns at large-scale enterprises. The Waites technology involves installing sensors that collect data on equipment temperature and vibrations. Thanks to internal software and machine learning, the infp is processed and analyzed by a team of engineers. As a result, the client timely receives data to address potential issues that could lead to equipment breakdowns. The technology was invented in Ukraine, Kherson city, and patented in the USA.

Thanks to the patented Waites technology, clients save significant costs as they can repair equipment on schedule and avoid downtime in their operations. The "Waites" brand ensures continuous equipment operation for companies such as Amazon, FedEx, Walmart, Michelin, etc.


Our team had to visualize the Waites technology operation in a simple and easy to understand way. The main goal was to create a tool for the company's sales office so the sales managers could simply and in line with the brand's style, explain the company's services and how Waites tech helps businesses avoid economic losses in their production processes. 


To accomplish this task, we decided to create a 2D explainer video since we needed to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Waites service and show how this technology helps prevent equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime. The style was chosen to align with European market standards. Therefore, the video's vibe had to be positive, easy to grasp, and catch the wave with the brand's service. 

Step 01


2D video development for the tech company “Waites” — Rubarb - Image - 2
  • First, we finalized the video script, step by step, recreating each stage of the Waites technology's operation. Details were crucial here as the product was complex, and our team's task was to present the benefits of Waites technology to potential clients in the simplest and most understandable way.

Step 02


  • At this stage, the team of illustrators worked on visualizing the future video. Considering the complexity of the product, the challenge was to strike a balance between not oversimplifying or making the demonstration too complicated. The target audience of the "Waites" brand is CEOs of companies, and the explainer video’s aim is to help them understand all the pros of working with Waites. It was also essential to fit within 80 seconds while fully representing the features of the company's technological solutions.
2D video development for the tech company “Waites” — Rubarb - Image - 3

Step 03


  • The final stage of 2D video creation involved animating the scenes and rendering. The main task here was to demonstrate all the advantages of Waites technology simply and understandably while presenting the brand’s professionalism, and we did it.

Step 04

Case in life

  • The explainer video from Rubarb is already working as a sales tool and fulfilling its function by professionally presenting the "Waites" company in the USA and Europe. It helps the sales office efficiently and quickly demonstrate Waites technology to the top management of their target audience.
2D video development for the tech company “Waites” — Rubarb - Image - 4
2D video development for the tech company “Waites” — Rubarb - Image - 5

Project Results

The Rubarb team has developed 4 explainer videos for the Waites company. How did it turn out? We developed the main video and used it to create 3 additional explainer videos for 3 pivotal purposes: for the sales office, marketing department, and offline presentations to clients.

Creating explainer videos for a complex product helped optimize the presentation of the Waites service to potential clients and addressed several business tasks simultaneously.

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