Corporate identity is the face of the company

The development of Corporate Identity is the basis for all future communication policy of the firm. It is an important component of branding, as well as one of the main means of fighting for the buyer.



Effective means, mainly aimed at promoting consumer goods and services used by almost everyone. Provides a wide coverage of the population.


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It is one of the most popular types of advertising due to its low cost and high efficiency. Allows quickly deliver the necessary information to the widest possible audience.


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The most suitable solution for those who need to tell about their company to a wide range of people from different social strata of the population without serious costs

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Brand identification: tell me who you are and I will tell who your friends

Corporate identity - a set of graphic and text elements with which the company is identified in the market. It includes everything that contributes to the formation of a visual image of the brand: from the logo to the development of a corporate character. This is a basic tool, the introduction of which is necessary at the time of the creation or re-branding of a company. Allows you to take your place in the sun among the big and small competitors.

Are you ready to bask in the warm rays of the attention of a potential client? Competent development of brand identity in Rubarb Digital will allow you to successfully interest, fall in love with your audience and, as a result, solve business problems.

What is the corporate style necessary for?

Branding - A key stage in the launch of any company in the world. It can be compared to the foundation of a house - without a solid structure, a building cannot stand for long. The same happens with the identification of the brand. Without a set of key visual elements, such as name, logo, the company will not be able to build strong relationships with customers or partners. She will simply be forgotten in a few days. To prevent this from happening, the Rubarb Digital team is ready to assist you in creating a unique corporate identity for:

  • consolidating the brand image among consumers;
  • increasing the recognition of a company, its product or service;
  • building customer confidence
  • high-quality detuning from competitors

Identification - This is the first step to creating the right image of the company. It passes through all communication with the target audience and is reflected at all levels: mailings, advertising campaigns, social networks, marketing activities, online and offline space. The visual concept is the tool by which the brand “speaks” with the consumer, communicates its philosophy, mission and values.

The elements of branding include:

  • naming is the unique name of TM;
  • logo;
  • slogan (memorable motto);
  • a set of branded fonts (used in all graphic online and offline elements);
  • color scheme;
  • design of official documentation;
  • corporate character.

You can order the creation of a logo, naming or other attributes of identification, both separately and in combination with positioning. We also provide a guideline - a guide with recommendations on the use of the brand name on various media, and the rules for applying approved pantone color solutions. In fact, this is a brand passport, where the identity elements are the constant cipher.

Corporate identity: where to use?

  • production of the company;
  • Corporate website;
  • outdoor advertising
  • POS materials;
  • official documentation
  • souvenir products
  • branded overalls for employees
  • interior decoration, motor transport

The main thing to remember is that the brand identity should be preserved in all communications, starting from the logo on the main page of the site and ending with corporate postcards for customers. If you decide to order a corporate identity in Rubarb Digital - you hit right on target. We do cool things that work for the result!