Package design

The packaging should not only ensure the safety of the product during transportation and selling but also attract the attention of the customers. Even the most high-quality and exclusive product can be lost among competitors if it presented in unsightly packaging. In order to make customers buy your product, you should pay the same attention to the design of the package as to the production and advertising.

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Label design

A label is a business card of a product, which provides the customer with basic information about the product, its components, and the expiry date. Despite its compact size, the label is the most accurate advertising platform, which inevitably reaches the buyer.

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What kind of package should it be?



The product is easy to transport, use and store in its original packaging.


In a single brand style

Each element such as shape, color, the layout of elements, type of printing must work on brand recognition.


To attract the customers

Even being on the bottom shelf, surrounded by dozens of similar products, it has to draw the eye and stimulate the desire to buy.

How do we create packaging and labels?

Рackaging and label design development

is not just about creating a beautiful picture.

Analysts, illustrators and copywriters are working in tandem with designers and marketing professionals.

We conduct marketing research and study statistics
We approach this process very thoroughly and know a lot about it. We thoroughly analyze the market and competitors, dive deeply into the essence. We find all the strengths of your product, its consumer properties and the main differences from competitors.
We develop advertising and marketing strategies
We select the most advantageous design and positioning options in order to present your product as effectively as possible and emphasize its individuality and originality.
We create packaging and label designs
We come up with, write, draw, prepare a layout and offer several design concepts to choose from. We bring the approved version to perfection, trying to make even the smallest details work for the popularity of your product.

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Rubarb Digital specialists create not only original packaging and label designs, but also turn them into the most effective sales tool.

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for label or packaging development

Packaging and label are the image of your products

The shelves of the stores are filled up with hundreds of new items every day. It’s not enough just to produce a high quality product in this competitive era. If you want to attract the buyer’s attention you should present it appropriately. It’s proved that the first impression of a new product is formed during the first 5 seconds. That’s exactly why the peculiar and unique design of the package is extremely important for the brand opinion.

The packaging and label are the main elements of the product presentation.

They stimulate interest in the product by drawing attention to themselves. The logic is simple: if the customer likes the exterior design it will catch his or her attention. He or she will buy your product in order to know what’s inside the package.

The proper packaging is a harmonious tandem of functionality, tactfully pleasing materials, and selling designs.

It will not only be advantageous to provide information about the product but also memorable. To make sure that the next time the customer will purposefully come to buy this product.

A label is a must-have element for product marking.

It's no longer a boring paper with a dull set of information about a product. Effective label design stimulates the sales of a product and can present it better than the most thoughtful advertising. The customer has his own visual impressions based on the product itself.That' s why a label that evokes pleasant emotions can be a key factor in choosing your product.

Packaging and label design development is not just about creating a beautiful picture.

Marketing professionals, copywriters, illustrators, analysts and intellectual property protection specialists are involved in the process together with designers.

The creation of packaging and labels is performed in several stages:

  1. Market and competitor analysis
  2. The development of several design concepts.
  3. Approval and finalization of the selected concept
  4. Pre-pressing of the package and label layout

Rubarb Digital specialists create not only original packaging and label design, but also turn them into the most effective sales tool. We will make even the tiniest details work for the popularity and success of your product.
To order the packaging design in our company means to be one step ahead of competitors and much closer to the customer.